‘Green Mold’, such as Gliocladium spp.  and Pennicilium spp, has long been the enemy of mushroom cultivators all over the world. But some of Trichoderma spp is in different class from those fungi, their characteristics are similar to mycorrhiza which can bring big benefits to plants and forests by symbiosis living with roots. Trichoderma has long been developed as biological control agents and biofungicide to protect and fight against the Pythium spp, Phytophthora spp, Rhizoctonia spp, Sclerotium spp and Fusatium spp. These fungi species can cause a lot of trouble to agriculture industry.

Since 1995, Trichoderma has been introduced into our farm land to protect, cure and boost productivity organically.  We also developed the compost from cultivated mushroom substrate which can easily be applied or used by the farmers to grow their plants.

Recently, we’ve updated our Trichoderma strain in the production for more efficiency. It can be applied to seeds, roots, leaves as well as contaminated growing environment such as water supply unit in Hydroponic system. This Trichoderma asperellum is developed by Prof. Chiradej Chamswarng, Department of Plant Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture at Kampaeng Saen, Kasetsart University.