Mr. Surasit’s 10 years old boy,Big , from Chonburi province,Thailand,a healthy boy since born to 2 years old.After regular vaccine schedule,he started the symptom of runny, stuffy nose along with itchy leg and arm,his feet start to crack,itchy, infection and bleeding.He had been treated with steroid  and finding allergy reaction and had  been chocked because the increasing doses of injection.So his parents decided to stop the treatment from doctor and had started medicinal mushrooms extract ,fermented medicinal mushrooms enzyme prescribed by  Prof.Dr.Anon Auetragul and natural healing in September 2015.After 2 weeks most symptoms were getting better.His symptoms were  happened only once in 2 days and become once in 4-5 Days and now ( in September 2015 ) he has once in 7 days.Also his feet has no more cracks or any infection (as the photo )and all symptoms are lighter than last 10 years.