I have 14 and 12 years old boys. I can totally said that my boys are not healthy especially my older son. He was born as a healthy good weight boy by caesarean section. The reason of caesarean section deliver was because his heart stop beating after the mother was injected the labor induction to stimulate uterine contraction. This is the very first reaction of my son since he was still in the womb.

Recognize this symptom from your child?

First two months past with a chubby, healthy clear skin and good appetite boy. But after came back from hospital for first visiting with first dose of vaccine  of his life, everything were started to change. I had not realized that his days will never be the same anymore.

He had no appetite, skin rash, hard to breath while sleeping, always got flu and cold and took at least 7-10 days to recover and stomach ache all day. He was prescribed with antibiotic and antihistamines since he was young. I just assume that my son has a big reaction to vaccine and medicine and  might has issue about immunity systems. It’s been like that until I met Prof.Dr.Anon Auetragul, who also healed my mother from stage 3 colon cancer in 2013. At that time my son was 11 years old. I and my husband were instructed by Prof.Dr Anon Auetragul to do homemade fermented medicinal mushrooms and enzymes from local wild mushrooms that we collected from the forest in USA and bought some online. My son’s symptoms were improved within one month and was getting better and better yet ,no eczema, no allergy at night, better appetite but not the dried rough skin and stomach ache .

But after we moved back to our own country for only 1 month, his rough skin peeled off with new bright and smooth skin instead. 

Is that because of microbiota shift and adjust back to your origin nature? 

This incident was popped up in my mind since I am learning more about Microbiome and Microbiota from University of Utah genetic science learning center in the story of Human ecosystem article.

 Microbiome in the ecosystems can adapt on different environment, climate , humidity or region. Microbiome on our body in each single part also different, such as microbiome in mouth, on tongue, teeth or gum also different types. When we consume food, different microbiome will affect all microbiome in those parts.

Since my son  was delivered by caesarean section in the hospital. His skin would not been colonized  by microbiome of mother uterine which is the very first important dose of every baby. So after 14 years of skin issue and family relocation back to motherhood country. Microbiome on his skin had adapted to the environment, climate and regions in Thailand same adaptation of microbiome of biotic and abiotic component in ecosystems. Some of microbiome on his skin may die and reproduce new smooth skin.

Fern in the forest might die in desert, microbiome in your forearm might die in your stomach, the environment imposes selection.


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