is a website of  Prof.Dr.Anon Auetragul working and education experience of Mushrooms since 1973  in Thailand .At that time there were only some Straw mushrooms ( Volvariella volvacea )cultivation and mostly imported mushrooms like shiitake (Lentinula edodes), black wood ear (Auricularia polytricha) and white jelly fungus (Tremella fuciformis).Since Prof.Dr. Anon Auetrgul had started the class and seminar for Thai people for about 5 years, Thailand was the country that produce most of the straw mushrooms ,more than 60,000 tons/ year.It was the beginning of Thais to learn more about mushrooms.

As an International Mushroom Expert or Consultant of UN in many countries like Bhutan (1981-85) then Philippines, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Togo, Namibia,Lesotho, Swaziland, South Africa etc.Prof.Dr.Anon Aeutragul could develop mushrooms along with medicinal benefit.

The objective of this website by Prof.Dr.Anon Auetragul is to develop Mushrooms society in Thailand and global growers to be up to date, not using only  rubber tree sawdust substrate in plastic bag ,depending on  the mother nature seasons and use toxic pesticide .