I and My husband had lived in California, United States for 20 years. I can say our lives there were in the high quality in the way of lots of choices of organic produces and meats, various kinds of produce from around the world, clean potable water direct from the faucet, clean air, best doctors and high technology hospital equipments. But I have started to recognize something after our family moved back to our hometown,Thailand.

In Chiang Mai, I found some local and seasonal fruits and vegetables that I never know. I try to shop local organically grown farmer market with no Broccoli, Bok Choy, Carrot, etc as I used to shop. So I try most of them whenever I feel confidence for our family meals. After 2 months adapting ourselves to  new old land, I’ve noticed that all members in family are loosing weight and feel healthier. 

Those are just one thing that I recognized from food but after had a chance to stay with mother in law, I felt that our family members are not in good health at all compare to hers. One thing that we noticed when we lived with her for a month, I never find her hair on the floor but the rest of household members.

So I was thinking back to the origin when we were born, yes we were born in the hygienist hospital , everything is sterile but not the ancient people.

The link from University of Utah learning genetic science center that I attached can explain what I am wondering.

Babies who were born naturally will be colonized by microbes the whole bodies through the birth canal. There are mixed bacterias what help to digest the first meal. While babies who were delivered by caesarean section mainly covered by skin microbes which can impact their first-time immunity. 

Babies can get more and different microbes from things that they touch where they were born and exposed. For example, babies who born in suburb may not have same microbiome as babies who born in the farm. We have different and vastly microbiota around our body, depend on habitats and age. Our microbiota never stop shifting so do our rNA.

Through those moment in my thought, I ask to myself when we lived in California  ‘Did we really have good foods, good potable water, best medical system?’

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