My 75 years old mother had colon cancer stage 3 last 5 years , after the 16 hours operation of taking out a  lime size tumor ,there was a sign at kidney and gallbladder. I decided myself not to do chemo therapy because of her age and health issue.I did research and got some  information  about natural healing therapy and decided to use Medicinal Mushrooms extract prescribed by Prof.Dr. Anon Auetragul at Anonbiotec institute  instead.I used the medicinal mushroom capsules extract to stop bad cancer tissue and totally do food and natural healing way instead of chemo therapy ,eat organic raw fresh fruit and vegetables and grains.since then, 5  years, my mother regular check up,there is no sign of any bad cancer tissue in her body.
The medicinal mushrooms extract  at Anonbiotec main ingredients are Agaricus Blazei, Ganoderma Lucidum ,Cordyceps,Phellinus Linteus , other medicinal mushrooms  and herbs.

The present photo of my mom.

My mom with Prof.Dr.Anon Auetragul and Ajarn Yaowanoot Auetragul

photos taken on February 23rd, 2017

Apichaya Vatthanakulkachon